What Are the Naked Facts?

Naked Facts is a series of short books designed to help you improve your life. They do that by giving you the basic information you need to understand the sometimes complex issues that affect you and your loved ones.

Many of these issues today involve science and technology – two things most readers don’t know (and many don’t want to know) much about. Here’s the problem: What you don’t know, in this world, can hurt you. If you’re ignorant of the science behind the drugs you take, you’re at the mercy of your doctor. If you can’t understand the science of climate change or epidemics or diets, you’re at the mercy of advertisers and marketers and politicians. If you don’t have your own plan, you’ll end up being part of someone else’s.

You shouldn’t be at the mercy of anybody. This series will give you the facts you need to make better decisions for yourself and your family, and to engage more positively with your community. The books do it by giving you a basic grounding in the science behind current issues in an easy-to-understand form. From the medicines we take to the foods we eat, from the technological wonders we hold in our hands to the ecological challenges that threaten our world, our lives are affected by issues related to science and technology. 

It’s important, too, that these books do not try to convince you to do anything. They simply tackle some very complicated topics, pull out the best, most reliable information, put it into an easy-to-read form, and help you get smarter. 

The focus is on tested, proven facts. The series weighs what people are saying and writing, highlights the best, most reliable information, and puts the rest – the opinions, the advertising, and the politics – into context around that. Without pushing an agenda, the Naked Facts series gives you the solid facts you need to to make better decisions. 

The Naked Facts team is headed by Thomas and Jackson Hager. Thomas, who holds graduate degrees in both medical microbiology and journalism, is a veteran science writer and author of seven books and more than a hundred feature articles on science, medicine, and technology. His goal is to make science come alive for readers to help them better understand their lives. Jackson, who holds a degree in journalism with an emphasis on graphic design, excels in technical writing, science teaching, and web production. 

Please let us know what you think. If you find ways to make the series better, if you find mistakes, if you want to cheer us on, suggest topics, or just say hi, get in touch with us here through our website.